Mini-Grant Project Winners From the Harvard Education Foundation in Harvard, IL


The Harvard Community Education Foundation’s (HCEF) Mini* grant committee
is pleased to announce the following winners for the 2017-18 academic school year:
*(Applicants requesting approximately $1500 or less)

Von Bergen’s Country Market Field Trip-Washington School; Wanda Carli- $609- All of the
students in Pre K and ECSE and their teachers and classroom aides will take a field trip to
Von Bergen’s Country Market. While there, they will learn about pumpkins, corn and
gourds, as well as farming and harvesting. The children get to go for a ride on a tractor
driven hay ride, see the farm animals, and pick a pumpkin, finger corn and several gourds.
With the cost of the buses, this trip’s full cost is estimated at $1217. With the HCEF
contribution, the cost for each student to attend this wonderful adventure will be minimal.

Tuner/Metronome with Contact Microphone– Harvard Junior High; Lindsey Boyette- $300-
This grant will fund the Junior High Band Department with 10 Tuner/Metronomes with
clip-on microphones for their 150 plus band students. These devices show the student how
to adjust their pitch if they are out of tune, thereby greatly enhancing the tuning of the bands as a
whole. This gives the students visualization and instant feedback, which will make the process
easier and more enjoyable. Further, they come with a metronome that keeps a steady beat. The
goal of the Band Department is to build to 40 of these devices over time. With this donation
from the HCEF, they can get off to a great start!

Woodstock Cinema’s “Wonder” Field Trip– Jefferson School; Michele Rosales- $1100-
The book “Wonder” is read within the 5 th grade classroom at Jefferson school. This is a book
about a boy with extreme facial abnormalities who endures ostracizing and bullying as a result
of how he looks. The book demonstrates how courage of kindness can overcome bullying and
hatefulness that stem from the fear of someone who is different. With this book coming to life
on the big screen this fall, the HCEF is glad to fund half of this trip so that the 5 th grade class
can have an even more valuable and memorable experience by watching it together at the
Woodstock Cinema.

Curriculum Buddies– Jefferson, Crosby, and Washington Schools; Laura Hay- $1000-
This program is a volunteer opportunity for 5 th grade students to facilitate small groups with
Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 2 nd grade students in doing academic work. The 5 th grade Jefferson
students will volunteer once per month at Crosby School and twice per month at Washington
School. For the Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 2 nd grade students, this program is beneficial in
helping them to learn and enhance new skills and build relationships with older students. For
the 5 th grade students, they build a stronger community amongst the students while also
developing their leadership skills and self-confidence.

Life Cycle of the Butterfly– Washington School; Wanda Carli- $663-
This grant will fund two containers with 5 caterpillars to each classroom at Washington School.
The children will be able to observe the stages the caterpillar goes through to change into a
butterfly. Teachers will create lesson plans to incorporate the life cycle of butterflies such as
reading books about butterflies, creating a book in which the children draw pictures of what
they see during each stage, and art projects focusing on different stages of the life cycle of
butterflies. This integrates science and language arts into the experience, making a great
opportunity for these young students to learn.

Ukuleles and Supplies– Harvard Junior High School; Daniel Petersen-$700-
The purpose of this project is to purchase a set of 30 ukuleles with extra strings for all students
within the music classes at Harvard Junior High. This will allow the Junior High music program
curriculum to continue what was started within the elementary schools. Current best practice in
music education points to this instrument as one of the more developmentally appropriate
instruments to be teaching the students. The continuation from elementary school into the
Junior High allows for the opportunity of a life-long learning skill of playing an instrument and
encourages children to continue their connection with the arts outside of the music classroom in
their own future. In partnering with Harmony, the full amount of $900 will be funded for this

Omnimax Theater Tickets at the Chicago Museum of Science & Industry– Jefferson School;
Lisa Frasik- $672- This grant will partially fund a field trip to the Chicago Museum of Science
Industry, where approximately 224 5 th grade students will have the opportunity to experience
a show in the Omnimax Theater. This offers students an educational opportunity that many of
them would never experience otherwise. This directly correlates to Harvard CUSD 50 Strategic
Goal/Theme 1: Academic Achievement, and Goal 2: Maximizing Opportunities for Students.
This opportunity provides a culmination of different concepts that are studied throughout
the year in both science and mathematics curriculum.

Harvard Junior High Book Club– Harvard Junior High School; Tim Yoder- $393-
The Harvard Junior High Book Club is comprised of up to 10 students per grade level that
meet 6 times per year, November through April, during lunch to discuss books being read.
This grant will purchase books that have been nominated for the Rebecca Caudill award.
The amount awarded will cover the full cost of 10 copies of 5 different book titles, for a total
of 50 books.

Project Supplies to Create Historical Artifacts– Junior High School; Cristina Bermejo;
Celia Blanco- $500- This grant will provide students in the 6 th grade dual language class
with project supplies and materials for use during their Ancient Civilization unit. These
projects allow students to embark on a journey into the world of Ancient Civilization to
learn about the contributions made, different components that made them unique, and
how they were similar to one another. This allows the students the opportunity to create
historical artifacts and research notes on different aspects of Ancient Civilization in order to
increase their knowledge of what has been covered in the classroom.

PBIS Motivators and Rewards– Harvard Junior High School; Andrew; Lindsey Nicky- $350-
The funds issued from this grant will enhance the Positive Behavioral Interventions and
Supports (PBIS) project. Students who model positive behaviors are rewarded throughout
the year with Hornet Bucks. Students can use their Hornet Bucks to purchase special items
in class,attend school functions, and enter school-wide and grade-level raffles and drawings.
This grant will help to fund larger quarterly raffles and drawings, which will help to increase
engagement and excitement amongst the students.

Extended Curriculum STEM Program– Jefferson School; Amy Handley- $1220-
The Extended Curriculum Program, which supports learners who meet or exceed the standards
with ease, has grown tremendously in the last few years. As a result, the program is able to
reach more students who need additional challenges in their day. This grant will help to fund
“STEM”(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) geared equipment and supplies for
those in the Extended Curriculum Program. This will include such items as simple and
powered machine Lego kits. The Extended Curriculum Students will use these on a regular
basis; however, all students at Jefferson would be able to use the materials by implementing
some of the creativity and problem solving lessons. This will allow students to use skills taught
in the classroom to support a creative solution to a task, a well as envision options their future
can hold outside of what they see adults do in their own lives.

Media Lab Upgrade– Harvard High School; Karen Kruckenberg- $500-
The Media Lab was funded by a Mega Grant several years ago. It is in need of high quality
accessories, such as high grade backdrop material, a tripod, and a mid-grade camera to take
high quality footage outside of the lab, to allow for more diverse projects and better overall
quality of the endresults. Though the request was for $900, the HCEF Mini Grant Committee
is proud to present the Media Lab with $500 to purchase some of what is needed. It is the
committees hope that the Technology Budget can support the rest of the needed funds for
this great project.

Bouncy Bands and Wobble Seats– Jefferson School; Lisa Weber- $300- This grant will
partially fund the purchase of Bouncy Bands and Wobble Seats for Mrs. Weber’s 4 th grade
class. The purpose of these Bouncy Seats and Wobble Bands is to allow the students to
release energy without disrupting the students around them. The desire is for the students
to be better able to focus during instruction, activities, and independent work.

Rebecca Caudill Book List– Harvard Junior High School; Tim Yoder- $435-
This grant will fund the purchase copies of the Rebecca Caudill Award nominee books.
The full amount being awarded will cover the cost of 19 different titles, and a total of 27
books. These books will be available for the Language Arts classes, exposing the students
to books they may otherwise not have the opportunity to read. Any student who reads 3
of the books over the course of the school year will have the opportunity to contribute a
vote for their favorite, thereby encouraging students to read.

Milwaukee County Zoo Field Trip– Jefferson School; Lisa Weber- $913-
This trip to the Milwaukee County Zoo will help all 4 th grade student to better understand
how animals have and use external structures that support survival, growth, and behavior.
Seeing the animals live also adds to the students learning. This is an annual trip that is a
favorite among the students. Many students have never had the opportunity to visit a zoo,
making this a unique experience. During the trip, the students are able to connect classroom
science lessons with actual observations of the animals studied. Though the full amount
requested is not able to be funded, this grant minimizes the cost to the student.

Don’t Ever Give Up– Crosby School; Judy Mae Foszcz- $345-
The purpose of this grant is to fund the purchase of the Spanish Biographies that the Spanish
Dual Language Crosby students will use to research people who have made great
accomplishments by “not giving up.” Students will document the struggles that the person
had to overcome to reach his or her goals. The students will then be required to create and
document their own futuristic autobiography which will include their own struggles and
achievements which will be presented in class while wearing the outfit that fits their future
dreams. This project will give the students the motivation and courage to dream big for
their own futures, and to realize what they can accomplish if hey too “never give up!”

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