Mega Grant Awards for 2017-18 School Year – $41,103

The Harvard Community Education Foundation’s (HCEF) Mega grant committee is pleased to announce the following winners for the 2017-18 academic school year:

Team Building Field Trip-Jefferson School; Judy Floeter & Julie Theisz- $3897 – Approximately 435, 4th & 5th grade students will participate in numerous team building activities during a field trip to a ropes course facility, Covenant Harbor, in Lake Geneva, WI. In combination with student fees, fundraising efforts at Jefferson school, and through community organizations, such as the HCEF, the $12,000 required to make this field trip possible will be raised.

Children in Motion-Washington School; Tammy Basel & Kathy Okkema-$5906 – Various pieces of equipment will be purchased and a tricycle bike path, with various built in goals, will be painted on the gym floor to enhance the opportunity for 175 pre-school children at Washington school to participate in an indoor structured movement program. Young children benefit from structured motor activities to improve cognitive, language, sensory, social, and gross & fine motor skills. These children will improve posture, locomotion, and object manipulation by using individualized goals designed to meet each child’s specific needs. This program will benefit those children needing occupational, physical, and speech therapy by providing opportunities to develop balance, coordination, body awareness, strength, motor planning, sensory integration, and more.

Media Literacy-Green Screen Studio-Jr. High; Laurie Robinett-$9994 – A camcorder, lighting & audio equipment, and computer with editing software will be purchased in order to provide the 650 students at Jr. High the opportunity to develop their writing & editing skills though the audio & visual format. Students will develop numerous basic skills involving thinking, problem-solving, resource management, interpersonal, informational analysis, and understanding systems when using this new technology. It is the goal of this program to create a multi-year, on-going opportunity for Jr. High students to be active participants in the understanding and creation of media, and not to be simply passive viewers.

Jr. High Fitness Room-Jeff Koza, Kyle Motz, Donna McFarlin, Brie Cesario-$10,000 – Purchase numerous pieces of fitness equipment (treadmills, elliptical, rowers, TRX bands, kettleballs, medicine balls, standing desks, exercise balls as chairs with stands, etc.) to expose the 650 Jr. High students to fitness equipment that could be used for life-long fitness habits and to maximize health benefits, in a safe and more engaging environment. The building principals and school district will match this HCEF’s $10,000 with an additional $4000. This upgrade package will help students and staff improve their fitness levels in cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, and muscular strength & flexibility.

CNC Training & Machine Purchase-High School; Steve Glasder-$11,306 – In conjunction with four other grant awards already received by Steve, the HCEF is adding its support to this project in order to purchase & install two additional machines for the Metals & Manufacturing Occupations classes at a total cost of $89,045. Last year in the Precision Machining Competition sponsored by the Tooling & Manufacturing Assoc. (TMA), Harvard students earned four 1st place awards (with three perfect scores), one 2nd place award, and one 3rd place award in Division 1 competition. With the addition of two pieces of high tolerance machining equipment, Harvard H.S. students will be on the cutting edge of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) manufacturing. Students will be able to earn dual credits from McHenry County College and apply those credits toward a manufacturing engineering degree program. Additionally, the demand for CNC precision machinists in McHenry County is extremely high and individuals in this career path can expect to earn $50,000-60,000/Yr. upon completion of a four-year paid apprenticeship training program through TMA. With this $11,306 contribution from the HCEF, Steve will be approximately $11,000 short of the $89,000 needed. He has plans on how he will raise that remaining money and the HCEF is confident that he will succeed.

The HCEF thanks all of you for taking the time to submit a grant application with the goal of enhancing and enriching learning opportunities for the kids in Harvard schools.

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