• Give Children the Gift of a Future Full of Opportunities

    Help today’s children in Harvard, IL become the adults they want to be tomorrow. Your donations help thousands of children achieve the dreams they never thought possible. The grants we give through your kind efforts will open their eyes to educational and professional paths they might have never dreamed of.

  • Give Teachers the Chance to Better Assist Their Students

    Through the Harvard Community Education Foundations, teachers are given additional resources and grants to help broaden their students’ educational horizons. Through your generous support, we aim to help the teachers of Harvard, IL give students the education that your children deserve.

  • You Can Help Create a Brighter Future for Every Student

    Allow your children and the students of Harvard, IL the possibilities of a brighter future educationally, financially, and professionally by giving to the Harvard Community Education Foundation. The grants we give to various classrooms and selected individuals helps better educate each child for a brighter tomorrow.

Donate to the Harvard Community Education Found in Harvard, IL and Help Kids Succeed

content-picHarvard Community Education Foundation is your place to help future generations succeed. Focusing on the schools of Harvard, IL, the Foundation relies on generous donations from citizens to help teachers and students alike progress in their educational goals. By focusing on issuing grants and scholarships to various Harvard, IL teachers and classrooms, students in the area will be able to explore scholarly and academic opportunities that they wouldn’t have otherwise. 

Harvard Community Education Foundation also hosts an annual Black and Gold Ball that is meant to help the Foundation in meeting its donation goals. With fine food, beautiful decorations, and emphasis on education, the Black and Gold Ball has become a local favorite. Its focus on providing a wonderful night of entertainment for the sake of education makes this one of the best balls you can attend.

We have been in service for several years. We have been able to help students explore the world in ways they wouldn’t have otherwise. Some notable subjects that projects have focused on is science, literacy, world appreciation, disability learning, and others. We truly want to help the students we reach to have an increased awareness of education in the world.

That is why we emphasize donation so much. This Foundation wouldn’t be available except for the kind and generous donations we receive through the Ball and private contributions. So please help the children of today have the education they need for tomorrow. Donate today; it will make a world of difference for every child we are able to affect.

Thanks to our Donors

  • Dr. Tim Chrapkiewicz
  • Dr. Jackie Crosby
  • Dr. Richard Crosby
  • Joe Darcy
  • Becky Frost
  • Rebecca Gabrys
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  • Darlene LeCrone
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  • Tom MacKenzie
  • Carolyn Nolen
  • Duffy Seyller
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